This is what we call Courage!

“I hoisted Pakistani flag on my Kashmir soil, not Indian soil. From last 35 years we have been hoisting Pakistan Flag in India. This time the difference was that instead of unfurling it in Pakistan embassy in New Delhi, we hoisted in on our own soil in Kashmir. Let me make it clear that Jammu and Kashmir is my own land and it is not the part of India and for that reason I have not committed any crime. I will continue to hoist the Pakistan Flag on the Kashmir soil and will not abandon this practice under any pressure.”

– Dukhtaran-i-Millat Chairperson Syeda Aasiya Andrabi

Aasiya was booked by police on the ‘behest of Indian media’ under section 13A of Unlawful Activities Prevention Act for unfurling Pakistani flag in Kashmir during Pakistan National Day. In spite of illegal charges and cases against her, she still aims high to raise Pakistani flag whenever she wants.

Masha Allah! What a great courage she got. I bet this isn’t easy for her to show such strength and bravery from the land which is oppressed illegally but she showed, she showed and gave the message to the whole world that the more you treat unfair Pakistanis, the more they will rise and unite against tyranny they received either from India or from West.

I proudly “Salute” to this brave lady who is ready to go to jail but not calling off from her love for Pakistan.
This is what you think, act and conquer when you love your country madly.

– Kashmir baney ga Pakistan!!
– Pakistan Zindabad


Hello world!

This is my first post and first ever experience of  blogging.

Being realistic is good but dreams are free so let’s take a escape from this realistic world and enjoy our dreams.

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