Dear Future Husband

Dear My Future Husband!

Oh, I may not be the perfect wife, there will be times when we will argue, we will disagree, we will have points of difference and there will be days when our hearts will collide, but I promise you this. I will be the one who will do anything to ease your pain, I will never let you hurt again. I will be the wife you always dreamed of having, I will be the one who makes you smile after a long hard day work. I will be patient, I will be grateful for whatever you will earn for me. I will teach our children the importance of a father, the importance of sabr to find the one. I will tell them the story of us and I will create a home for us. I can’t say it will be perfect but it will be the worth it, with Allah be our side it will always be worth it. I will pray for the both of us, we will pray together. I will make sure our bond stays strong forever; I will look after when we are old and grey. I will love you more every single day.

Oh I may not be perfect but Wallah, I will try my best, because with you my heart belongs to and all my loyalty. We both will help each other get to Jannah.

In Sha Allah


The Relish of Sabr

My lovely sisters, have Sabr.

“You will find somebody who is worthy enough of your love, your affection, your presence. You will find a man who will treat like the queen you are. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Do not sell your soul for the sake of being loved by those who will only do you wrong and leave you like you are nothing. 

Love yourself enough to not let yourself feel the absence of another soul whom entered your life and left. Love yourself enough to see what you are worth, for whom this precious gift belongs to and let Him guide you to the one who will cherish you on this earth, and guide you to the path of Jannah.

Oh my sisters, you are worth too much more than dating and Zinah, remember that the next time you are coaxed into such a situation. There is a man out there waiting for a woman like you, as you are waiting for a man like him.”