Pseudo-secular India

The concept of secularism in India seems to be ridiculous is in it. How one can define Secularism? For instance, if a Hindu joins Muslim festival or vice versa, that’s secularism or a Muslim marries a Hindu girl or vice versa, defines secularism. If it’s secularism then India is soon going to lose this status by showing worst ever attitude to the world. The hypocrisy is, extremism in Pakistan is always linked with Talibanisation and terrorism but in India this kind of fanaticism is their religious and nationalistic right? Seriously?

Secularism, in general, tells that the country will provide equal rights to every religion and through this definition; the state cannot ban cow slaughter providing the reason that it’s banned in Hinduism. A kind of secular state (if it is) has no legal right to ban cow slaughter or having beef because it is prohibited in Hinduism simply like it has no right to ban statue worship because it is not allowed in Islam/Christianity. Many states like U.P., Gujarat, and Rajasthan etc. disallow the use of beef on religious grounds. A recent example is of an old man Ikhlaq who was beaten to murder brutally in UP, allegedly over rumours that he had eaten beef. So should this kind of violation be allowed in a religion-free state? They say that cow-slaughtering deeply hurts the sentiments of Hindus but that doesn’t mean that government should ban beef to protect their sentiments. A secular country should not intervene in religious matter and maintain a firm standing against religious intolerance.

Misery continues because India claims to be the largest democracy in the world and in this huge democracy hatred for Muslims is not hidden from the world. If we talk about from where it all started then let’s have a look at Indian politics since 1947, they had two options to constitution makers. To form a single political entity i.e. integration of India into complete Hindu region and declare Hinduism as State’s religion (Uniform Civil Code) or to implement secularism to keep religion out of the state’s affairs and political interference. The second option was championed by Nehru and it was approved. Interestingly one of the reasons that, If India were then declared a Hindu nation then many other religious communities would have demanded for separate countries too.

There is a long list shows lack of religious harmony among the people of India.  The Hindu-extremist parties specifically Shiv Sena trying their best to vanish out all the Muslims from the Indian land. This indicate their intolerance towards other religion and despite of all the terrorist activities they do to threaten Indian Muslims and Pakistanis, Shiv Sena still not declared ineligible then on what basis India argue that religion is not the matter of state?

We don’t have to move far away because in almost every month we can enjoy the mistreatment to minorities in the world’s largest democracy. Whether it’s digging up the cricket pitch before Pakistan vs. India to stop the match or throwing stones on Pakistani Players to spread the message of peace. Whether it’s smearing black paint on Sudheerna Kulkarni and Engineer Rashid or to threatens Tehseen Poonawala to ban the food Festival. Whether it’s Atif Aslam, Begum Nawazish Ali, Ghulam Ali, Meekal Hassan or Veena Malik, India’s brightest secularism’s face portraying the worst blackest picture.