Little Martyrs

Oh mother, no one can understand what you’ve gone through,

No one can feel the depth of pain you’ve borne,

Your flowers are resting in heaven looking at you,

Give them a soothing smile,

The day will come when you will meet them,

And live with them forever,

Even death won’t tear you apart!!

It’s December again! Hair stand on the end, chills run down my spine and fingers literally tremble as I remember 16-12-2014. The year may have passed but the wounds are still fresh in my heart. It is impossible to forget the horrific terrorist attack that snatched 144 innocent lives (official death toll) last year. The dreadful memory still haunts us.


16th December has brought unfortunate events for Pakistan firstly when we lost our half, East Pakistan and for the second time, when we lost the faith in humanity, attack on Army Public School.  It was the day when some barbarian gunmen turned us into ultimate shock that how one can attack on school and kill children brutally. A day that started off just like every other day but ended in sheer despair.

Did people sleep that night?

How many were strong enough to hold onto their faith? How did the families cope with their loss?

The fortunate ones who survived, how will they ever recover after witnessing the unthinkable?

How does one come back from something so terrible?

It’s all hard to even think of, let alone go through.

It took 365 days to remember them again for media and government but their mothers, families haven’t forgotten them for a minute. The pain is excruciating but they’ll surely recover from it. Time is the best healer. As hard as it seems, they’ll be strong and ready to fight back with a vengeance to honor the memory of their loved ones.

But one thing should be clear that those ugly monsters will never be forgiven. We have undying strength. Every Pakistani stands with Pakistan Army to fight against terrorist till the last drop reviving the tradition of innocent little martyrs.

May we never have to face such a dark phase in our lives ever again.

May Allah bless the souls of APS martyrs and provide immense strength to their families.