How does it feel to be a first time flyer?

No one can forget their first flight experience so how would I? In 22 years of my existence on this planet, I have visited Jinnah International a gazillion times but I never boarded a flight. I always had a sense of curiosity for the persons who are going inside from the airport lounge. Why and where are they going, what are their stories etc? And yes if I would ever get a chance, what would I think at this exact moment?

So I finally got a chance of flying away, Sharjah was the designation. It’s a kind of hasty holiday program and I left all the important calls behind. The moment I came across with my visa and ticket confirmation, I fell into the flight fright situation.

Being a first flight traveler and that too when was voyaging alone. I needed ensure that it ought to be with no troubles. So at first few days before my trip, I began seeking about things to remember before loading onto the flight; the primary thing is to reach the air terminal no less than 1 hour preceding flight.  Arriving early at the airport can save from unnecessarily bothers, rushing to get on a plane can be frantic especially if it’s first time in an airport.

All my family said goodbye to me till the glass door at the entrance hall of Jinnah International. I experienced that going inside the hall moment. After scanning, a lady was checking my stuff, she asked me to open my laptop bag. When I opened my bag, first thing was a book that came out, “Raja Gidh”, she seemed so excited after holding that. Later on, she said, no need to unzip more pockets, you can go now to the upfront just because of Raja Gidh. It was strange but interesting part. Then I went to the airline counter and showed them the printout of my e-ticket. She issued me my boarding pass. Next, I saw some passengers were standing in queue, I followed them. My turn came; Officer verified my papers and took my e-visa with him. He told me to go another counter.

After that, another stamp check, some duty free shops and then I entered in the departure lounge. Another security check and I began to search the gate number 22. There were 5 levels of security clearance including immigration. I sat there and pondering what to do next. Later, I heard an announcement that travelers of Air Arabia are asked for to enter from gate 24. I made a final good-bye call to my mother.

An air hostess invited me with attractive smile. I was trying to look confident. I matched my seat number, she guided me at the second-front line. I was not primed to lock in the safety belt while taking off, as it happens with first time flyers, so I observed my co-passenger and much notice was required while unfastening it. Airhostess showed safety precautionary measures, and Security individuals requested that everyone inform their stuff to maintain decorum in the plane. Pilot declared takeoff.

The travel itself was not about as nerve racking as I anticipated. The take-off was, to me, the most amazing feeling: I was thrilled to feel the actual lift, being pushed back in the seat, I saw myself on the earth and in 5 seconds I’m actually flying in the air and seeing the world at an edge through the window. Turbulence was frightening in the initial moments, yet I was comforted by the passengers who did not appear to be fazed. Apparently aircrafts are planned to overcome all kinds of turbulence.

When you take off, things that you believed were overwhelming look weak. Everything from 35,000 ft. looks minor. High buildings seem small boxes and huge oceans look like little streams. All of a sudden, you feel supreme in light of the fact that you’ve dominated the sky. At another point a blast of wind throw your plane sinking and your nerves clanking. You then value that you say you’ve dominated the sky or a mountain; you’ll generally be at nature’s mercy. Only He is all-powerful.

We all have heard about incidents of Air Blue and Bhoja Air. Plane crashes seem horrible things to discuss and debate. I know that plane is extremely safest of all still it gets to be something absurd when run of control. But when something occurs in a road mishap, we may have a shot, however in that little rate if something turns out badly during an air travel that is dangerous.

I was keep telling myself that no one is anxious here I don’t need to either. Everyone I looked in the very flight throughout turbulence time. I had a feeling that even this moment they look quite relaxed, it’s nothing. I kept reminding myself that there’s nothing in my control. Being fearful won’t change this situation, so there’s no valid point. That thought’s actually a sigh of relief. If someone’s been decided to die in a plane, there is nothing you can do to stay away from it. Do not let fears conquer you because no one knows where he would finish the journey of life.

I also had a decent co-traveler along with me, so I discovered it helping I’m with to talk at me in departure as pleasing and peaceful. Also, Conversing with the people beside you (your momentary adventure partners), there is maybe a fascinating story alongside you and quite possibly new companion.

While sitting on plane, I was recalling a movie in which a woman was anxious to travel first time, a prominent senior actor was sitting next to her and advised her that there will be just first time once so ensure you have a fabulous time. Try not to prevent yourself from making questions around. Do everything, beginning from eating and drinking what they serve to watching films. Ask things when you don’t know where to go or routes of gateways of air terminal and cabin crew are there to facilitate you.

Landing was safe. And as soon as we landed, it was like touchdown. I had to wait for everyone to get off because people were in great hurry to go out. Then I put on my bag and walked through the passage to the eye-scan. The weird thing happened to me was, when I reached the counter, personnel asked me to show my visa, I didn’t have any. I tried to convince him that he took it at Karachi but he was helpless and told me to go to visa office immediately. I went there, showed them email of visa, my brother was already waiting outside, I called him from the customer service then he sent another print of visa to the office so they allowed me go. When I went down to get luggage, whole airport was silence, my co-passengers had gone and I seem to be the only passenger from Karachi after 1-hour delay in the process. I transferred my currency into Dirham and came outside. Though I think my return flight will be more relaxed as I surely know the actions.

There are few things that I learnt from my first travel that rushing is not a solution for everything. Watching others and observing them the way they are doing could make difference. Keeping an ear on messages and checking departure monitors can keep you updated in case of changes or delays.

In my first abroad journey, I have fallen intensely charmed with seeing the world. This enthusiasm for travel has energized my desire to get out and explore with other same passionate people en route. It felt as though I had done an extraordinary and bold thing to go via plane. However, I am in no way, acting as if I’m a practiced on air travel right after first visit but needed to contribute on a couple of my understandings that it might be useful to somebody.

So I would recommend, every one’s experience is exceptional. If you haven’t travelled yet then simply appreciate the trip. Try not to fuss over things that you have just heard and are yet to appear. Would not be the situation with you and those who have travelled almost whole world still might have some glimpses of their first travel.

Bon voyage!


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