One day, Maybe!

Never look back. Never rush back to the point that broke you. In the span of life, there are dependably those times when choices simply must be made, when the decisions are hard and finding a way seems to be rare and the heavy shower feels to drench your feet but you have to wait for the one fine bright morning.

Everything doesn’t go in our favor, sometimes all you can do is to leave things behind and move onward, mount up your confidence together and pick a path that conveys you toward another sunrise. So give a break to your problems and lead the stairway up – the route of sudden change may be intense, however consider all the sparkle ahead if you can be sturdy!

You could come across with many journeys you never envisioned, simply sticking around the next twist, and wishes and dreams pretty much to work out as expected in ways you can’t yet expected! Maybe you’ll discover such relations that jump from new concern as you test your place, and realize there are such a large number of choices in life thus several ways you can go on.

Maybe you’ll travel to places you never imagined and see the world that you’ve never seen or go to marvelous, far-flung globe and awesome peaks in the middle! Maybe you’ll discover love and attachment and compassionate – the chosen one who’s there to help you stayed focused and listens with enthusiasm to stories and sentiments you share.

Maybe you’ll discover solace in knowing your friends are loyal of all that you do, and trust that whatever choices you settle on they’ll be the right decisions for you! So continue putting one foot before the other and ending your life step by step. Maybe, one day all hardships will make sense. One day maybe!


Love yourself!

Self love is one of the most important things you will ever learn to do, you need to learn to love yourself first. Because nobody will fix your broken heart and confused thoughts the way you will, nobody will accept your eyes full of tears and messy hair the way you will. Many will say they can relate to your pain but that doesn’t mean they will accept it. Learning to love yourself first is one of the most important things to ever learn because, that’s when you will realize your worth. Nobody will be there to wipe your tears at 4 AM in the morning when you’re sobbing into your pillows; nobody will sit there for hours calming you down. Nobody will love you until you learn to be kind to yourself, the moment you learn to love yourself is the moment you will somebody who will love you. Self love isn’t optional; it is something you need to survive. This way you will come to know that pain is temporary but the hidden strength you got in reward from Allah is priceless. Remember, every soul will carry in its own burden in hereafter but you should need to understand this in world, too.50023b3be25bb2aae5ab83eab8bf4e16