Tour of England and Generation Next

One day we will tell our generation next about England tour where we went to No.1 in tests by startling win at mighty Lord’s and finished the whole journey by marking incredible success in all designs. We will tell them that how a player took Pakistan cricket team to new levels of celebration, how he managed to triumph over the Lord’s where we felt extreme shame six years back at the same place, how he made whole nation proud by just paying salute and press-ups. He was old but gracefully leading the team without complaints. Yes one day we will them about the silent conqueror, about Misbah Ul Haq.

We will put them in the picture about a man who was effortlessly building the Pakistan batting region by making elevation of runs. The man who faced intense criticism over his age, batting style, aggression and not scoring runs in the crucial matches. The man who never look back after entering into cricket, the man who had seen every possible decline of Pakistan cricket but never lost faith in his team, the man who lost his blood relations while on the field but continued fighting with his bat. He was survivor, he was warrior, he was Pakistan’s highest runs scorer, he was cool looking iron man because he was Younus Khan.

We will say to them about a reformer who was disgraced on ground, charged on fixing, sent to jail and refrained from cricket for five years. Also, about his dream comeback on the same spot, with more power, more line and length, more talent, more attack and more wickets, yes we will tell them about Amir.

When they will question us about our reliable strength then we will let know them about the roaring shaba shaba. The man, who was declared victorious just after appearing in his first trial as a leader. His team made highest partnership record, highest power play score records and most chief point to list here is that his team totally outclassed England in T20s. He was underrated Sarfraz.

We will let know our children about the consistency of Asad, thunderbolts of wahab, talent of Hasan, swings of Yasir, surprises of Rahat, steadiness of Azhar and clever captaincy of Sarfraz. We will tell them that we at last achieved the mark of 300 in ODIs in this tour. We will inform them that ups and downs were part of this team but they always showed courage to stand out and fought against the odds by avoided any major controversy.


Untold message

People tend to come into your life for different reasons, either to ease your everlasting pain or sometimes they are the ones to cause the pain. Sometimes to return the soft, gentle smile, to give you the priceless happiness you have been searching so far for, to soothingly wipe your tears you were trying to hide from the entire world or sometimes they become the reason behind your aches, scars, cuts and stitches. They will come by any mean.

But always, I repeat, always, they will benefit you. They are the only ones who will teach you the lesson of life. There’s an untold message for you with every soul you meet. Whether they will be hurting or healing, you will either learn that you have uncovered the love you were finding or you will learn to protect yourself from the people who claim to love you.


Halal Love

I want that halal love

The love born through the words of Allah

The love will never die because

I’m meeting you in Jannah

So it’s not until death do us part

We love each other for eternity

The love where you don’t need to test the paternity

Because you’re my first love

You know the rest if you’ve heard of me

The love where he wants to speak to my father before he speaks to me

Because he doesn’t want to speak from lust

He wants to speak from trust

He knows obeying Allah is a must

So if the goal is not marriage what is there to discuss?

The love where we don’t see commitment as a rush

Because we know love without commitment is a lust

And Allah says love’s first step is commitment

The love where we both don’t say we just need a little more time before we make it halal

Because there’s always a fear that we might collapse

If we don’t keep each other near the righteous path

We’re always reminding each other of our deen and our purpose

Our heart, soul and mind connects when we think above the surface

In this world that glorifies evil and scrutinizes good

We still know our struggle is worth it

I’m not claiming that we have to be perfect

But Allah has stated in His verses

“Our Lord make them enter the Garden of Eden which thou hast promised them…”

So Allah himself gives us motivation

How beautiful did Allah create our love

Yet we allow it to be controlled by Satan

Our greatest struggle is to fight with temptations

But if we are patient and fall in love with Allah’s revelation

I believe there will come a time that we truly love Allah and His creation

I want that halal love

And I’m making it halal everyday even before meeting you



امجد صابری اور روایتی مذمت

شدید مذمت، افسوس کا اظہار، شہر کا امن تباہ کرنے کی سازش

یہ وہ رٹے رٹاے الفاظ ہیں جو اس شہر میں ہر ناخوشگوار واقعے کے بعد رسم کی طرح ادا کیے جاتے ہیں۔ پھر اگلے دن وہ خبر بن جاتی ہے اور تیسرے دن ملزمان کی گرفتاری سے متعلق ایک آدھ بیان اور بالاخر چوتھے دن وہ تذکرہ منظر سے غائب ہوکر تاریخ کا حصہ بن جاتا ہے۔ یہ ہے اس عظیم مملکت خداداد میں ہونے والی جرم اور مظلومیت کی داستان۔

آج اس کہانی کا کردار وہ شخص بنا جس کے بارے میں شاید اسکے دشمن نے بھی یہ نہیں سوچا ہوگا کہ اسے اسکے ہی گوشہ عافیت میں شہید کیا جائے گا۔ یہاں شہید کا لقب استعمال کرتے ہوئے میں ہرگز مبالغہ آرائی سے کام نہیں لے رہی کیونکہ جو صرف امن اور محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم سے محبت کا درس دیتا ہوا دنیا سے چلا گیا وہ راہ حق میں تھا اوراس تمغے کے ساتھ جو رخصت ہوا وہ شہید ہے۔ امجد صابری جو کچھ گھنٹوں پہلے تک رب کے حضور مغفرت کی دعائیں مانگ رہا تھا اور حضورﷺ سے دیدار کا طلبگار تھا اپنےمقام پر روانہ ہو گیابس اب آپ اور میں اسکی باتیں، قوالیاں اور اسکی شخصیت کو یاد کریں گے۔ دل اس بات کو اب تک قبول نہیں کرتا کہ امجد صابری اس دنیا میں نہیں رہے۔

بچپن میں دو قوالوں کو مدینے کی صدا لگاتے ہوئے سنتے تھے پھر ہوش سنبھالنے کے بعد امجد صابری نے تاجدار حرم سے محبت کی نہ صرف مثال قائم کی بلکہ اپنے کلام سے ہر مسلاک کے ماننے والوں کو گرویدہ کیا۔ وہ دراصل انسانیت کے دوست تھے اور انسانیت کے دشمنوں نے ہی انہیں دن دیہاڑے نشانہ بنایا۔ ایک طرف موت کا غم تو دوسری طرف حکومت وقت کی بےحسی۔

کیا کبھی کسی کو یاد پڑتا ہے کہ کب کسی ہونے والے حادثے پر کسی ذمہ دار نےاپنی ناکامی تسلیم ہو؟ کبھی اپنی نا اہلی کے باعث عہدہ چھوڑہ ہو؟ چاہے اسکول کے معصوم بچوں کو شہید کیا جائے یا انتہائی مطلوب دہشتگرد انکی حدود میں ڈرون سے ما رے جائیں یا فیکٹریوں میں لوگ جل کر مر جائیں یا ملک کی لوٹی ہوئی دولت کا پول کھل جائے یا کوئی امجد صابری مارا جائے انکی کہانی مذمتی بیانات سے آگے نہیں بڑھتی۔ جب یہ لوگ محفوظ نہیں تو عام آدمی کی جان کی کیا اوقات؟ ایک دوسرے کے گناہوں کو چھپانے کے لئے جمہوریت کو آڑھ بنا رکھا ہے۔ برسوں سے چلا آرہا ہے پتہ نہیں کب تک چلتا رہے گا اور آپ اور میں ایسے ہی امجد صابری کھوتے رہے گے اور مذمتی بیانات سنتے رہیں گے۔

Every day is a Mother’s Day!

I was checking my news feed a while ago and got to know that people added to my list has suddenly started loving their moms so hard. The reason is mother’s day!

I don’t get the idea of mother’s day. I argued with some of them that why are we just celebrating it on a single day? Do we have more important businesses to do than the person who carried us in her womb for nine months and raised us till today with her unconditional love?

For me, celebrating mother’s day is a kind of insult to mothers. They have been doing their services for us regardless of day, night, weather, illness, worries and frustrations and what we are paying to them as gratitude just a day with display pictures, gifts, hugs and virtual love?

Mother is not just a person. It’s a feeling. A feeling with enormous sacrifice and love. So how can we dedicate this priceless feeling to one day? What’s the reason behind marking special occasion for celebrating mother’s day in a way that implies that mothers do not deserve due respect and care except on this one day. If we are going to make the whole year a Mother’s Day, then I welcome celebrating the occasion with open arms!

One more thing, I couldn’t seem to bear that your mother is sitting next to you and you are wishing her to twitter, facebook and instagram. Seriously? I didn’t change my display picture. Does it mean I have no love for my mother? People are posting stuff and expecting heaven in their pictures and captions. After watching this, I feel really sorry for mates who don’t use these social apps, because they can’t even imagine of a heaven without posting stuff.

Every day is mother’s day. Hope we understand that very soon!

یار! کوئی مزدوروں والا ہےدن آج

بیٹی کے سسرال والوں نے تاریخ رکھ دی ہے،  رحیم نے ہتھوڑی سے زوردار ضرب لوہے پر مارتے ہے کہا۔

“اوے تو فکر کیوں کرتا ہے سب کی بیٹیوں نے بیاہنا ہے”، امجد جلدی سےسلاخیں سیدھی کرتےہوے بولا۔
فکر کیوں نہ کروں؟ سکینہ باجی نے جہیز میں موٹر سائیکل کی فرمائش کی ہے کہ اکبر کو سپلائی کے کام میں ضرورت ہے، کھانا، ہال اور کپڑوں کے لئے تو کمیٹی ڈال رکھی تھی، اب یہ نیا خرچہ سر پر آ گرا ہے، نیند اڑ گئی ہے راتوں کی

۔ضرب کاری کا کام رک گیا رحیم آنکھوں سے کچرا نکالنے میں مصروف ہو گیا۔

امجد نے یہ منظر دیکھا تو غصّے میں بھن کر کہا “وہ تیری سگی بہن ہو کر غیروں والا سلوک کر رہی ہے؟ اکبر خود بھی لے سکتا ہےاچھی نوکری ہے اسکی۔ تو یہ بات نا مان۔ انکار کردے

بچپن کی بات چیت ہے اگر اس نے ختم کردی تو کیا کروں گا ” رحیم نے غور سے امجد کو دیکھتے ہوے پوچھا۔

امجد کچھ بول نا پایا کافی دیر تک اپنا کام دونوں خاموشی سے کرتے رہے پھر اچانک امجد نے کہا “چھوڑ یہ سب چل مالک کے پاس چلتے ہیں وہ قرض دے دے گا۔ ابھی کچھ دنوں پہلے عاصم نے بچے کی پیدائش پر لیا تھا۔ تجھے بھی مل جائے گا”

واقعی مل سکتا ہے؟۔ رحیم نے پوچھا “ہاں مل جاۓ گا، چل اب “۔ امجد کھڑا ہو گیا مالک کے دفتر کے باہر کافی رش تھا۔ ان دونوں کو اب دیہاڑی کا خیال آیا کے کام پورا نہیں ہوا تو آج کے پیسے نہیں ملیں گے۔ امجد سوچنے لگا اسکے بیٹے نے گھر سے سیب کی فرمائیش کی تھی کہ ابّو آتے ہوے ضرور لانا۔

رش میں سے گزرتے ہوے جب دونوں مشکل سے دروازے تک پہنچے تو امجد سیکرٹری پاس گیا۔ اس نے پوچھا کیا کام ہے؟ امجد نے کہا صاحب سے ملنا ہے میرا دوست وہاں کھڑا ہے اسکی بیٹی کی شا–“. “سر آج نہیں آے! پیچھے والوں کو راستہ دیں۔”سیکرٹری نےجلدی میں کہا۔

تھوڑی دیر بعد رحیم کو امجد آتا دکھائی دیا۔ “کہاں رہ گیا تھا، کام کا وقت بھی ختم ہو گیا۔ صاحب سے ملاقات ہوئی؟” رحیم نے پوچھا۔ “نہیں یار، صاحب نہیں آے۔ وہ کوئی مزدوروں والا دن ہے آج چھٹی ہوتی ہے انکی”، امجد نے جواب دیا

Pakistan Super Duper League

The glittering boundaries and ultimate show of superstars has come to an end with the captain’s style finish of Pakistan Super League. The inaugural edition of PSL T20, undoubtedly, has proven itself the biggest cricketing event of Pakistan. Fans madness, city rivalries, the passion of ruling others, supporting favourite foreign players, fireworks while chasing a high-total, crowd’s contribution and of course, finding emerging talent for future backbone are few glimpses from PSL. In short, PSL hooked up every Pakistani for three weeks. People, largely followed it through live streaming around the world to witness the first ever self-made league of cornered tigers.

There were total 5 teams in the competition; Karachi Kings, Quetta Gladiators, Peshawar Zalmi, Lahore Qalanders and Islamabad United who brought us the ultimate nail-bitters. The first match of the tournament was played between Islamabad United and Quetta Gladiators so was the last, final. The difference is that, in that first match on 4th February, the underdogs Gladiators under the leadership Sarfraz Ahmed shocked everybody by clinching the first victory from the top favourite United and continued their winning streak until Lahore Qalanders beat them. Quetta was on top of the table till the play offs. Inclusion of Kevin Peterson, Luke Wright, Ahmed Shahzad, later Kumar Sangakkara, Grant Elliot and two newly emerged players Muhammad Nawaz (all-rounder) and Bismillah Khan made Quetta the strongest opponent for every team.

The second top scorer in group stages, Peshawar Zalmi, of our vern own Shahid Khan Afridi proved to be the fantastic bunch of perfect combination. The captain Afridi, Darren Sammy, Tamim Iqbal, Wahab Riaz, Brad Hodge and Muhammad Hafeez created troubles for the opposition. How could we forget the Wahab-Ahmed rivalry on the pitch. it shouldn’t have happened but it’s a game of cricket you may expect everything from everyone. Further, the third scorer, the mighty United, who grabbed the elegant first PSL trophy, had lost initial matches but after the inclusion of Azhar Mehmood, they bounced back and started their winning streak by thrashing Karachi Kings and trend continued till lifting the trophy.

Now, the two position from down Lahore Qalanders and Karachi  Kings, who were the most expensive and top two teams from two biggest cities of Pakistan, bit disappointed the fans on the main level. Karachi Kings beat LQ in both head to head matches. While LQ won only two games in entire tournament and both from top two teams Quetta and Peshawar. It was real dramatic situation while going through play offs. Both teams LQ and KK had 4 points on the table but decider was gone on Kings’ side.

The best match of PSL, IMO, was 1st play off between Peshawar and Quetta. Both teams struggled hard for next level. Match was going in Zalmi’s favour until Nawaz bowled outstanding over and got 2 for 2 and swapped the whole situation. The 2nd play off was bit one-sided. Karachi had failed to set a good target even after the change in captaincy and Islamabad easily got them and made it to the final. Final match was played and Misbah Ul Haq was declared as the first man to lift the first ever PSL trophy at Dubai Stadium. Team Quetta played really well but it was United who got victory at the end of the day.

We, Pakistanis, are so much thankful to the Najam Sethi, who took this idea from paper to the stadiums of UAE and all the managers, organizers, sponsors, viewers for making it successful. Now we can say proudly say, without fixed matches and dancing girls, we can offer interesting cricket to the cricket lovers.