Wait for the one!

Wait for the one, who simply loves you,

Wait for the one, who wants to be your last,

Wait for the one Allah has written for you,

The kind of the person, who brings to the surface the best of you and makes you want to be a better person;

The only person who will drop everything to be with you at any time no matter what the circumstances,

Wait for the person, who makes you smile like no one else ever has,

Wait for the person, who wants to show the best part of you to the world because no one is perfect,

Wait for the one, who respects man and women both because that’s what matters the most,

And best of all wait for the person who will make you a priority, because that’s where you belong.


Baad Az Khuda Buzurg Tu’i Qissa Mukhtasir

I know a man who lost his parents but refused to be called an orphan. He was man enough to love strong woman years older than him, worked for her and made her stronger, opened his heart to her, shared his fears to no one but her. He was faithful to her till her last breath. Cleaned after himself and sewed his own clothes. He was good looking, courageous and fearless. He never judged anyone on their pasts or looks, and was moderate, open minded and tolerate. His neighbor was Jewish and cousin-in-law was the Christian priest. He was beaten and exiled when was helpless, he was merciful when he became stronger, intelligent, wise and a hard-worker. He built a lost lasting nation out of nothing in the last 20 years of life. He had no parents but, loved his daughters and grandchildren. His last will was ‘Be good to women’. The man who is mercy for all mankind, He is my Prophet Muhammad ﷺ


Baad Az Khuda Buzurg Tu’i Qissa Mukhtasir

(It is impossible to give due praise to your glory, In short, after Allah, you are the most exalted)

Halal Love

I want that halal love

The love born through the words of Allah

The love will never die because

I’m meeting you in Jannah

So it’s not until death do us part

We love each other for eternity

The love where you don’t need to test the paternity

Because you’re my first love

You know the rest if you’ve heard of me

The love where he wants to speak to my father before he speaks to me

Because he doesn’t want to speak from lust

He wants to speak from trust

He knows obeying Allah is a must

So if the goal is not marriage what is there to discuss?

The love where we don’t see commitment as a rush

Because we know love without commitment is a lust

And Allah says love’s first step is commitment

The love where we both don’t say we just need a little more time before we make it halal

Because there’s always a fear that we might collapse

If we don’t keep each other near the righteous path

We’re always reminding each other of our deen and our purpose

Our heart, soul and mind connects when we think above the surface

In this world that glorifies evil and scrutinizes good

We still know our struggle is worth it

I’m not claiming that we have to be perfect

But Allah has stated in His verses

“Our Lord make them enter the Garden of Eden which thou hast promised them…”

So Allah himself gives us motivation

How beautiful did Allah create our love

Yet we allow it to be controlled by Satan

Our greatest struggle is to fight with temptations

But if we are patient and fall in love with Allah’s revelation

I believe there will come a time that we truly love Allah and His creation

I want that halal love

And I’m making it halal everyday even before meeting you