Every day is a Mother’s Day!

I was checking my news feed a while ago and got to know that people added to my list has suddenly started loving their moms so hard. The reason is mother’s day!

I don’t get the idea of mother’s day. I argued with some of them that why are we just celebrating it on a single day? Do we have more important businesses to do than the person who carried us in her womb for nine months and raised us till today with her unconditional love?

For me, celebrating mother’s day is a kind of insult to mothers. They have been doing their services for us regardless of day, night, weather, illness, worries and frustrations and what we are paying to them as gratitude just a day with display pictures, gifts, hugs and virtual love?

Mother is not just a person. It’s a feeling. A feeling with enormous sacrifice and love. So how can we dedicate this priceless feeling to one day? What’s the reason behind marking special occasion for celebrating mother’s day in a way that implies that mothers do not deserve due respect and care except on this one day. If we are going to make the whole year a Mother’s Day, then I welcome celebrating the occasion with open arms!

One more thing, I couldn’t seem to bear that your mother is sitting next to you and you are wishing her to twitter, facebook and instagram. Seriously? I didn’t change my display picture. Does it mean I have no love for my mother? People are posting stuff and expecting heaven in their pictures and captions. After watching this, I feel really sorry for mates who don’t use these social apps, because they can’t even imagine of a heaven without posting stuff.

Every day is mother’s day. Hope we understand that very soon!


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